The Story of Redeemer Church

You are part of an epic story.

Redeemer Church is a place where we tell an amazing story in a thousand ways. It’s a simple story of death turned life. And at the center of this tale is the one who made it possible: Jesus Christ, our great Redeemer. The Son of God, who came to make all things new.

This story began with a fall.  A fall  that fractured our fellowship with God.  A fall that has been marked by sin, death, and suffering… but then after many seasons of promise in the midst of travail, a triumph. A triumph that brought forgiveness, life and hope.

The endgame of sin is death. The Bible makes this clear. And it was our sin. Our own choices. Our own actions filled with lust, hate and selfishness in the beginning of God’s beautiful world that led us far, far away from him. Into a place of hopelessness. A place of death. But the mystery we celebrate, that moment in our story where the unexpected happens, is when, in Christ, we discover something we could have never imagined. We turn our heads, we look around in amazement, and we rejoice! Jesus the Redeemer. He takes the dark, sinful threads of our own stories, and weaves them together to create a picture that is entirely and completely glorious. Unexpected. Undeserved.

That very sin that brought us death, Christ took it upon him and paid the penalty of that sin. He shed his blood. He died. But the power of love would not leave him in the grave, he rose again! He destroyed the chains of death because death could not hold him. And life has now overcome death. A life like you could never have otherwise known. A life that came out of death. Redemption! Beautiful irony!

The darkest hours of your life — the things you’ve done that you believed were unforgivable — these are the very things that make up the biggest comeback story you could imagine. Turn to Jesus! It’s very real.

And because of this, we now go into our world and bring the redemption and love that has been given to us. We make, create, bless, serve, give, help, restore — bringing the goodness we have received and pouring it out upon the world. Knowing that the goodness of the Lord will overcome evil, justice will overcome injustice, righteousness will overcome unrighteousness. All of this, because Jesus has triumphed over the darkness. That’s what Redeemer Church is all about: telling that story within our lives. We are here to celebrate it. To live it. To proclaim it. Fullness of Christ, fullness of life! 

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