Build a Better Family With Us: Sunday mornings at 11am

We can’t wait to have you worship with us!

Your family is one of the biggest mission fields of your life.

Join with us as we seek God’s Word, and learn together how to build it and strengthen it.

Having a family that is doing well and flourishing is not an easy task. And if you are at all like us, you can feel completely overwhelmed at times.  Yet there is hope — because God’s Word gives us the promise, the wisdom and the power we need to not only survive, but to thrive. This fall at Redeemer Church, join us as we look into God’s Word and discover the mindset and the tools to building a better family.

Training up a family is hard work, no doubt.
Do you ever ask yourself these questions?
We’ll seek to answer them… and more.


Why does my marriage seem unfulfilling?


How do we deal with the family strife in a way that is helpful?

Loving My Family

How can I do a better job loving my family?

Child Behavior

Our kids know how to test our limits. How can we get them under control?


How do we increase our joy and life as a family?


Is it possible for my children to listen and actually do what they are told?

Upcoming Sermon Titles

You need the Gospel in your marriage

Understanding before you can be understood

Parenting is about dealing with the heart

With marriage you need to take responsibility

Husbands and wives: you need to both win

Tenderness and toughness with your children

With marriage you need to communicate

With parenting you need the gospel

Lower expectations, higher expectations

Join Us!

Services begin each Sunday morning at 11am. We can’t wait to have you with us as we seek together how to apply the truth of the Word to our families.