Mike Kloss - October 31, 2021

Unpacking the Modernist Paradigm

Discipleship Class - Lewis Agonistes

Adult Sunday school course on the life and thought of C.S. Lewis.

This talk covers Lewis Agonistes, pages 29-39.

From Series: "Discipleship Class - Lewis Agonistes"

C.S Lewis held degrees in Philosophy and English Literature. He was an Oxford don, a preacher, an author, a public intellectual and a defender of the Christian faith. He was the president of the Socratic club of Oxford and participated in a group of thinkers and writers called the Inklings, which included Tolkien, Owen Barfield and at times, Dorothy Sayers. Lewis wrestled with all the major intellectual ideas of the modern and pre-modern world, with a classically trained mind. Dialectic and poetry were weapons for his right hand and his left. We can learn an immense amount, not only in what he thought, but how he thought it. He wrote, “I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen, not only because I see it but by it I see everything else.” This course is meant to teach us to see Christ as a lens, and then to look at our world with that lens. We will cover topics such as the authority of scripture, natural law, Ecumenicalism, Darwinism, bulverism, how to read, what to read, how to think and what to think about the major ideas in the Western Canon from Plato to Marx.

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