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Mike Kloss - January 1, 2017

We behold His glory (John 1:14)

Sermon Overview:
Last week we covered the first 8 words of this verse; “the word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
A startling revelation in itself, but the Apostle John then extends the wonder; “and,” he says. As if God becoming a man wasn’t enough - John states that ““we” have seen his glory.”
Glory? Why glory? Why not power? Why not miracles? Or His ministry or Jesus’ life; affirming that God really had become a man?
Why does John make seeing Jesus’ glory his primary focus as a witness of the validity that Jesus really is God?
What role did glory play in first century Jewish theology and culture?
And who is this “we?” Certainly John means the disciples and the 500 witnesses. He couldn’t be talking about himself and you and me? We weren’t there.
Indeed. John is filling the page with wonderful and mysterious assertions. John’s Christmas story is full of gifts. Rare and wondrous gifts.
John has experienced the rarest and most prized wonder – seeing the glory of God with eyes of flesh and he is telling us that “we” all have; anyone who has read John’s Gospel or any of the Gospels.
The word became flesh – those who sit in the shadow of death have seen a great light – the light of the world – a stunning glory – the glory of God, the glory of the suffering servant, the glory of the promised Son of Genesis – that all believers of God have longed to see since Adam.
You have and can see it too.
It’s too wonderful – it’s a revelation full of grace and truth – the sun of righteousness has dawned for all to see.

Scripture Reading: 2 Cor. 3:7-18

Ascent Psalm: Psalm 8:5-8

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