Mike Kloss - April 18, 2021

Spiritual Power Chords (1 Samuel 16:13-23)

The Stump of Jesse

Sermon Overview:
Before David subdued the spiritual enemies Israel could see on the battlefield; David subdued the spiritual enemies that Israel could not see. And He did so though Spirit-empowered musical chords. We are armed with music to subdue evil spirits and ambush our enemies.

Scripture Reading:
2 Chronicles 20:1–23

From Series: "The Stump of Jesse"

The Lord promised to raise up a new king from the stump of Jesse. How did Jesse's tree become a stump? The books of Samuel tell the story of David's rise to King and his successes and failures on the throne. The life of David is a type of the life of Christ that is full of warnings and encouragement for those who follow Christ.

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